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Pirate's doggone adventures summer 2010


Climbin' 'n Divin'

Thu, 08/05/2010 - 4:33PM by Kimry Jelen 0 Comments -

Oh Boy - A hike!

OK, where are you guys taking me...?

Do you see, waaaay down there? That is where we started - see the parking lot? I'm starting to question this trip...

Wild flowers - schmild flowers.

View... Schmiew...

At the top, I drank all the water we brought - hey! I'm a black dog and it was HOT!!!!


We got in the car - drove down a short distance and...


Hank turned into a bouncy Tigger...

Hank and I got Kimry good and wet!

I shook myself off and got to work - I am a retriever after all!

Dennis needed help selecting the correct size - nothing like a good rock dive!

The pounce...

The search...

Diver down!

Try again!

YES!!! Score!!!

Do it again!


And again! And again!

Another great summer adventure in Oregon!



Oh those puppies look so happy in the water! SO happy but it good to make them work for it! A perfect summer day!


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